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EPA Business and Financial Services, Inc. has Covered California Certified Insurance Agents on staff. As an added bonus the firm is a properly licensed agency to give tax advice and tax defense with all taxing agencies in the United States. This helps the public in saving money that other insurance agents can't, as they don't know tax law like we do. It also prevents the error of having to pay back part or all your subsidy because you didn't qualify for it in the beginning.   As the subsidy has to be reported on your tax return. You will also have to prove that you didn't intently gave incorrect information when enrolling in Covered California.

Employers who don't offer health insurance.

EPA has traveling agents that will be enrolling the public through their employers during employees working hours. For employers who are interested in having EPA provide this FREE service to it's employees, email us at coveredca@epaweb.com



Individuals who want health insurance.

For Individuals: We can enroll over the telephone, in person at our office (must set an appointment as we are out of the office most of the time), over the fax and any other way you can think of including mail. (Note female agents are prohibited from making house calls) email us at coveredca@epaweb.com


SHOP for employers who offer health insurance or want to offer health insurance.

SHOP: We can help your business compare the plans, get the tax credit and will include legal tax defense allowed in our licensing if you enroll with us at no additional charge. Email us at coveredca@epaweb.com

Large employers who want to join a subsidized private exchange, email us at  coveredca@epaweb.com


CoveredCA education videos

The video below are produced by EPA Business and Financial Services, Inc. The videos are produced by a California licensed insurance agent.


What is Covered California? It's the California version of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. It's the exchange in which individuals and businesses can purchase health insurance. 

What is SHOP? Is it for Small Businesses? This is the exchange in which employers can purchase group health insurance and get a tax credit.

I set up multiple companies in order to avoid having 50 or more employees will I get penalized under the Affordable Care Act in CA? California businesses need to be aware of penalities that are coming with the Affordable Care Act. These fines need to be added to a businesses operating cost starting 01/01/2014. With a little extra cost, it may be better to offer health insurance than paying the penality.


When can I enroll in Covered California? 

What are the basic benefits in the Affordable Care Act under Covered California? A short explanation of the four benefit levels.

What is a HMO? One of the benefits in both and out of the exchange is HMO plans.


What is the difference between Assistors, Navigators and Certified Insurance Agents?